REcreate Arts & Crafts

 Recreate . to refresh by means of relaxation and enjoyment,
as restore physically or mentally.
. to amuse (oneself or someone else) from Latin recreāre to invigorate, renew, from re- + creāre to create also re-create, “to create anew,” 1580s, from re- “back, again” + create.


Mixed media arts and crafts made from wasted materials such as paper, card boxes, plastic bags, packages, magazines, electric cables, damaged clothes and disused objects. Pieces range from illustrated posters, bookmarks, notebooks, paper and box toys, word games made of toilette rolls, photography puzzles to accessories made out of knitted plastics.


My artworks aim to question the value of the things we surround ourselves with; raise awareness for the waste produced by unsustainable habits and hopefully, inspire a new attitude towards the consumption and disposal of goods.

ds-quotesCigi Pals


DsUsed & Cigi pals


Mixed media assemblages reusing personal & home waste [labels, receipts, boxes, card, packaging…] to bring characters and figures into life.

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Posters & cards

Handmade Postcards

Folded cards with original collages of handwritten quotes, handmade illustrations and colorful paper cuts.

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Photography Puzzles

Photography Collages

Illustrations made from cut outs and collages of photography taken and printed between 1996 – 2003.

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I enjoy recreating memories, history and all in between by cutting and displacing printed photography into reinterpreted spaces and meanings.

Plarn Crochet


Crochet pieces such as laptop bag, pillow, wallets and phone cases weaved with “plarn” a yarn made from plastic bags.

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