Chill Out Gardens, Boom 2018


In the last few years, Boomland has become a home to me… living & working there is like being part of a powerful collective energy connecting people through creativity, love & freedom. It is always such a blessing to grow around this place and beings… every day learning something new or meeting someone we haven’t before… discovering a world of possibilities and transforming realities all together 💜



This year I stayed for about 2 months with the Chill Out Gardens “fortissima” team developing creative lighting. We set up hundreds of illumination points spread around the beautiful gardens upcycling a lot of materials from previous editions and transforming them into new light creations and decoration.



I worked closely with two collections from which I crafted dozens!

The Drop and Tippy come from the same plywood curved pieces, for the Tippy model, we wet them and applied pressure to straighten them back again. Both models are assembled by wire and use jute natural burlap, on the Tippy model we painted some patterns with stamps done out of some used foam. The Drop also uses wire mesh and brown paper bags that have been collected from staff meals over the building up months.



I helped set up electric circuits in the lamps and placing them. I also helped with painting, screwing it, digging a few holes, arranging electric details in the garden and “walked the dog” which meant guiding with a rope, a massive trunk of a tree being driven by a tractor, between the delicate garden pieces. 🙂



I was so absorbed by all the experience that I didn’t do many pictures of our work, so collected a few from friends and the web… all are credited in the photo’s name ❤ Thank you all ❤



About Ds đź’śworks

Visual explorer since analog times, I'm in constant REcreation of my own đź’śtitudes, expressing them through mixed media poems and visual crafts.

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