Reignite Action for Development

Reignite, is a charity which aims to enable communities to develop and achieve their full human, social, economic and cultural potential through sustainable, local and culturally accepted projects.

I have designed their visual identity and created a “brand Guideline” for their future reference, which includes some applications ready to print such as business cards and letterhead / address labels.

I have also designed their website in wordpress and provided a practical guide so that they can update it themselves.

thankyou-2For some months I created their promotional print and online material such as “Thank You” emails to everyone who donated in their first ever campaign which included this animated version of their logo, specifically created for the purpose.

I’ve also designed ready to print and static electronic seasons postcard for direct mail and network communications.thank-you-print

Other projects included designing Reignite’s books, booklet, leaflets, activities posters and printed banner meanwhile developing graphics such as the “Action Model” diagram.

First and second trifold brochure release

Booklet details

Film Festival Poster


About Ds ARTworks

Born artist, licensed designer & experimentalist at heart. Continually exploring materials and means of expression: from crafts to digital graphics and videos, through illustration, modeling and photography. ... My work is a visual collage of both analogue and digital pieces, [re]crafted, [re]played, [re]mixed and [re]used but never quite the same. I have an interest for live performances in which I transform the places through my video projections and installations.

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